Human Rights Vigil
Human Rights Vigil
Dec 10. 8pm. Butler County Jail. Hamilton, Ohio

On december 10, 2018 we Joined together at the ICE Detention Facility in the Butler County correctional complex in
Hamilton, OH, for a Vigil to commemorate
International Human Rights Day.


Seventy years ago, the United Nations unanimously adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Today, we gather to reinvigorate those ideas and stand together in the spirit of hope and solidarity.


Immigration enforcement policies cast a shadow of fear, intimidation, and abuse.



Tens of thousands of children remain in detention, separated from their parents and families.



Insecurity is manufactured to divide us. We must respond with unity, trust, and solidarity.

This website contains information pertinent to the December 10, 2018 event.

For more information about the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the text can be found here.